Musings on the Super Bowl

It’s not everyday that the world gets to hear a great opera singer but tonight during the Super Bowl they will. Renee Fleming, an exceptional artist, comedienne and lovely person will be singing the National Anthem. As one who has pursued this career with different amounts of vigor in my life it is a special treat to get to hear her tonight. Opera is a musical form that is full of passion and intensity and it stole my heart many years ago as a high school student . I wasn’t raised in a home where anyone knew anything about opera. Although we were introduced to music and given piano lessons among other influences. Renee Fleming was as early influence of mine when singing during my Bachelors program and she has remained a constant on my opera playlist. I have seen her perform several times at the Metropolitan Opera as well as in Pittsburgh at a small intimate recital which was a treat! Quite a few years ago I even had the opportunity to meet Ms. Fleming and she was just as gracious in person as one might expect. Recently I got to see her again on singing the Letterman Top Ten with Opera Hits which was hysterical and fun. As I prepare for my Super Bowl party this evening I hope that the rest of the world especially so many football fans who know little of opera or its powerful and dramatic message may be transported through music tonight if only for the few short minutes of the National Anthem. Long live the opera and kudos to whoever made the choice of Renee.